Website Builder

More and more businesses of all types and sizes need to have an online presence.  Your customers use the internet daily to find local businesses, supplies, people and more for whatever they need.  Having a website as your online or virtual shop or business front is a must, but doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive!  And MslilPeta can be that website builder to make it happen on time and on budget.

MslilPeta, in consultation with you, can build, or revamp an older website, using the WordPress website building platform to create a responsive, eye catching and functioning website to suit you and your business needs.  Your WordPress website can be as simple as you like or can have a website functioning to suit your needs.  Website building packages start at a basic flat rate for the initial setup and build.  From there MslilPeta can extend and add what you need to make sure you have all the information, items, photos, shopping options or more you need to have your online shop front working in conjunction with your actual shop front or business.

Contact MslilPeta today to set up a FREE no obligation consultation about your website needs and how MslilPeta, WordPress and being online can help you and your business moving further into the future.