Social Media Management

Is your business ‘Social’?  More and more your customers are looking for you and your business online and certainly throughout Social Media Management.

As your Social Media Managers, MslilPeta brings over 5 years of practice, knowledge and experience of Social Media, to you and your business. This also includes a national accreditation in ‘eBusiness Solutions’, but she has not stopped there. Peta continues to follow best practice and seeks out new and cutting edge Social Media, Social Media Management and other online applications to help businesses and individuals be seen, and talked about through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to name a few.

MslilPeta’s main focus however is Facebook and all it has to offer businesses big or small. Engaging, sharing and creating conversation now plays a major role for any business. Particularly those businesses that want to maintain their market share,preserve existing customers, and attract new prospective customers.  Facebook Ads is also a big player and engagement tool especially for businesses, and with plenty of experience in this arm of Facebook and online marketing your business can certainly display and share with your target and niche markets.

MslilPeta also brings with her over 12 years of customer service and management skills and a desire to provide only the best for all customers, individuals and businesses. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years and also in retail and sales, she fully understands how these businesses run and how important their customers actually are. With her own hands on and managing experience MslilPeta brings a ‘can do attitude’ and she continues to believe the ‘The Customer is WHY’, not just for the hospitality or retail industries, but also for all businesses.