Computer Tutoring

Have you been looking for someone, who is down to earth and with a background in education, to lead you on your computer learning journey?  Stepping out of your comfort zone or even taking that 1st big step into the computer and online world can be daunting, but becoming more and more applicable to today’s world.  You don’t need to feel lost in cyberspace, tutoring is available.

MslilPeta can give you the confidence to use your computer and its programs as you need to, and at a pace that suits you and how much you want to learn, all at a reasonable rate.  MslilPeta is happy to start at the basics and work up or just be a tutor for those needing pointers to stay on track with what they have set out to do.  Whether it be word processing, sending emails, connecting a new printer or modem, working with your smartphone or tablet, setting up a Facebook or social media personal page, or just general hints and tips for getting the best out of your computer and the internet.  MslilPeta is here to help.

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