Free Stock Photos – A Beginners Guide


Free stock photos, worth 1000 words!!


Who doesn’t like seeing good photos and images?  Throughout the internet and especially on social media, take Instagram for instance, images are all important.  Of course you want to have your own images especially if marketing or telling you own story or business’s story.  But sometimes this is not always possible or, you have been bitten by the blog writing bug and want to publish sooner rather than later but still want relevant and quality images.  So what do you do?  Find some ‘free’ images and explore!  The images I have used for this site are from free stock photos sites and can help transform what your site or post looks like. However sometimes you might want to find a comparison image or something out of left field for a blog post or Facebook post.  But where can you find awesome and engaging images and photos; Which you are actually allowed to use?
That’s the question…   Not everything you find via Google image search or on Facebook and other places are actually ‘free’ to use. (Allowed to use, or have no copyright). That is where ‘free stock photos’ and similar should be your port of call when looking for visual content and photos.  And there are some amazing sites with awesome photos and images that you can use.  Free stock photos do not need to be boring or have watermarks through them if you look in the right places.  Hence I want to share a quick guide to stock photo sites I refer to when needing images for clients or my own work and blog posts.  I still advise though that you read any disclaimers, Creative Commons and possible Attribution rules for photos if needed, and use photos correctly, but mostly you can find plenty of images to use.  And the choice of photos for visual impact is huge!

Check out my list below to get you started….

Creative Market – Both free and sign up options for many visual and image needs.  Including fonts, photos graphics and more.
Picjumbo – A great range of great images and great quality photos.  Love this site – 😀

Unsplash – Another of my favourite awesome photos and to quote Unsplash directly “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.” Brilliant!!
New Old Stock – Looking for something vintage?  This is a great place for ‘free to use’ vintage photos.
Startup Stock Photos – Another good site for ‘free’ photos.  Great for websites and blogs.

Of course if you can get you own photos done to use these can be the most powerful.  Many phones, which we have on us all the time, have a camera and photos can be quite good so use what you have.  Or if you are lucky enough to have a friend who would love to take photos of you or your business to help tell your story, this is also a great option. And for me I have a special shout out to Anthea, based in Adelaide if you would like to get some photos taken, and you can find her on Facebook at PRH Photos.  So between taking photos yourself, sharing funny photos already to help share fun or your story or finding the perfect stock photos to use, I hope that this quick list of Free Stock Photo sites help you out.

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